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Salient Features
Prepaid Broadband services are available on BSNL DSL lines.
After sign up and validation, initial account is created with speed upto 2Mbps and 50 MB complimentary download valid for 15 days.
Account need to be recharged with RCVs (Recharge Voucher) to extend initial usage and validity.
Customer can choose from 9 different RCVs for limited plans and 4 different RCVs for unlimited plans.
Top-Up vouchers for more usage during validity period and validity vouchers for increasing the validity period are available. These are available for limited plans only.
After initial creation of account, prepaid services can be availed from most of the BSNL broadband enabled landline across geographical locations thus offering roaming facility to customers.
Additional prepaid account can be taken on same landline where postpaid broadband is working at present.
Online monitoring of balance amount and validity through customer care portal to enable customers to plan their usage.
For any assistance customer can reach 24X7 toll free helpline (1800-424-1601)
Tariff and Plans For Prepaid Broadband Services
1. Detailed Plan and Tariff for Broadband Services
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on Broadband Prepaid Connections.
1.   Whether Prepaid Broadband can be taken along with existing Broadband service?
Yes. One more account can be taken.
2.Whether prepaid broadband account can be used any where in India?
Ans. Yes, Prepaid Broadband can be accessed from most of the BSNL DSL line in any city. (BSNL services are not available at Delhi and Mumbai).
3.Whether It is possible to change from unlimited plan to limited plan and vice versa?
Ans. Yes. You can also change from one limited/unlimited plan to any other plan without applying for it to BSNL by purchasing the relevant recharge voucher.
4. Can I check my current balance and validity of the service? AndHow?
Ans. Yes, You can check your current balance at any time by logging into customer care portal Enabling this on SMS is in process.
5.Whether it is possible to take multiple pre-paid connections on same landline?
Ans- Yes. Presently maximum of two prepaid connections on same landline are allowed.
6.Whether it is possible to use one limited plan and another unlimited plan on same land line?
Ans- Yes. You have to take two prepaid accounts (two independent user_Id). One account can be used for unlimited plan and other account can be used for limited plan.
7.What to do in case balance amount is there but no validity?
Ans- You can extend the validity by recharging the account with validity voucher.
8.Whom to contact in case I face any problem during usage?
Ans- You can contact our 24X7 help line 1800-424-1601.
9.Where shall I get the prepaid recharge vouchers?
Ans-At all CSCs, Franchisees and retailers
10.Can I recharge my account today with future date of effect?
Ans-Yes. You can recharge account now, with an option of giving effect either immediately or after the date of present validity/when the usage becomes zero.
11. Can I have Prepaid account without Land line?
Ans-No. You must have land line to create prepaid account. If land line is disconnected, the account is also deactivated.
12. Is Simultaneous use of same account is possible by two users from same or different landlines?
13.How many user accounts can access the same line at a time?
Ans-No limit as long as different user accounts are used.
14.Is it suitable for hostels to have one Land Line (LL) and each student having different accounts to use? Will the charges be levied on the LL?
Ans-Any no. of users can use the same DSL line for browsing. The charges will be deducted from user accounts and not from the LL used.
15.Is it suitable for organizations to give their employees the access?
Ans-Yes, great opportunity for organizations to reduce the expenditure. The employees may be given access from office DSL line to use their account.
16.Is it possible to change from post paid to prepaid and vice versa?
Ans-No migration is possible. It will be noted that most users will prefer to have a suitable postpaid plan for use at home and have a prepaid plan for use while roaming. This will help them to reduce their total expenditure.
17. If my DSL line goes faulty or temporarily disconnected due to any reasons including shift, whether any extension of validity would be given?
Ans-No. As the account can be accessed from any other DSL line.
18.Whether any intimation is given before session is disconnected due to balance becoming zero.
Ans-No. The session gets terminated.
19.Whether any grace period is given to recharge the account?
Ans-In case of limited plans Grace Period I is for 15 days. If recharge is done during this period, the balance if any, will be carried forward. Grace period II is for 75 days. During this period no balance will be carried forward. For unlimited plans Grace period of 90 days is given to recharge the account.
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